Steinhallur Aelfvirsson

Expedition master-at-arms (second in command)


Steinhallur Aelfvirsson is a gruff-looking middle-aged man with long, auburn hair. He wears his facial hair in long messy strands next to an old battle wound on his left cheek. He proudly wears a white wolf pelt on his shoulders at all times.


Steinhallur is the expedition master-at-arms. He is the expedition’s second in command, and is directly in charge of the expedition’s guards and sentries. His mundane duties also include supervision of the quartermaster and porters, leaving the more important work to Sir Benis.

He is a no-nonsense, career military man, and has a reputation among the men as a harsh taskmaster. He is originally from Tumbletown in northwestern Ryland.

Steinhallur is extremely prejudiced against Olmarans, as shown by his rough treatment of the captive Cartli marines aboard the Golden Dew. He also seems to disfavor female members of the expedition when it comes to the desirability of assignments.

Steinhallur Aelfvirsson

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