Kolgiva Vilnasdottir

Expedition herbalist


Like others in The Order, Kolgiva shaves her head regularly. She has dark eyes, a sharp jaw, and a skeptical countenance. She wears somewhat loose brown robes, and a belt of her herbalism supplies around her waist. She is nearly thirty, and is originally from Jarma.


Kolgiva Vilnasdottir is the expedition’s herbalist (responsible for all medical care involving medicine itself), and one of only two women in the original membership of the expedition. Like Cynarinn, she belongs to the trans- Andermannian organization of healers known as The Order.

Kolgiva seems to have few friends on the expedition. Whether this is due to her gender, non-traditional appearance, or professional association is unclear. Furthermore, others seem to assume that she is some sort of ascetic, and fail to include her in certain activities (drinking games, carousing, the feast, etc.)

Kolgiva Vilnasdottir

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