Aelfvir Oskarsson (Expelled)

Expedition butcher


Aelfvir Oskarsson is a rotund, bald man with a bright orange beard. His arms and belly are covered in tattoos—a strange foreign fashion he must have picked up in the port of his native Rivergate.


Aelfvir seemed to leave Rivergate in a hurry, and was quite eager to join the expedition and serve as its butcher. While his services may not be of great use early in the expedition (while it remains in civilized areas), his expertise will come in quite handy when the expedition downs game in the wilderness.

Aelfvir was found in delicto flagrante with an adolescent male prostitute in the back room of The Wet Wench brothel in the Parthan city of Utra, after an intimidating scuffle in the front room of the establishment. (Steinhallur spent several minutes beating Aelfvir afterwards.)

Aelfvir was injured in the nighttime ambush in Utra, and was expelled from the expedition the next day (for pedophilia).

Aelfvir Oskarsson (Expelled)

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