Dezno's River Galley


Samara is a luxurious Parthan river galley, twenty-five feet wide and ninety feet long. She has a shallow draft and twenty-two oars in a single bank at deck level. Her two masts fly triangular sails.

The fore fifteen feet of the vessel houses a wooden structure with an open back facing towards the main deck. This space opens to the main hold level beneath the main deck, and also contains the galley’s galley.

The aft twenty feet of the galley supports a shade structure that overhangs an opulent lounge. This lounge area can comfortably sit twenty people on piles of plush pillows. The lounge area has roll-up sides to vary the shade, view, and privacy of the entire lounge area, which can be converted into a master bedroom for orgies and sleeping.

In order for the rudder operator to reach the rudder, he must climb on a system of ropes on the outer hull of the ship in order to reach a small platform on the back of the ship. This ensures he need not traverse the lounge area and disrupts its occupants.


Samara is Dezno Baraza’s personal river galley.

Upstream, it is operated by a crew of twenty-two rowers, while downstream it needs none (but often utilizes rowers anyways). Regardless, a pair of sailors coordinate the steering of the ship with a clever system of ropes (one at the bow to pull the signal ropes, and one at a platform at the stern to operate the rudder), and another pair of sailors operate the sails (which are as often as not used to provide additional shade to the lounge area).

Depending on the voyage, additional crew may include up to:

-six cooks
-three servants
-three concubines
-a juggler
-a musician
-a storyteller
-a masseuse
-a barber


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