Rolf Jagerson

Expedition tracker


Rolf Jagerson (Slayer) is a skilled woodsman and hunter. Although many of the members of the expedition are unmarried (or at least don’t have kids), Rolf leaves behind a wife and two small children in his native Ryland. He wasn’t eager to go on this expedition, but as a locally-renowned scout and hunter, the [officers leading the expedition] heard of his skills and tapped him to join. The lure of financial security for his family (whether he returns intact or not) was too great to pass up. Rolf is friendly but carries a quiet tension and during pauses in the journey can be caught starring back towards home.

Rolf had half of his nose cut off by the captain of the Golden Dew during the boarding action by the Cartli warship. He also broke his arm during a fall from the ladder he was climbing at the time.

Rolf Jagerson

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