Oskar "Ironhand" Svenson

Expedition porter and sea-shanty singer


A young but powerfully built man over six feet tall with brown hair and eyes.


Oskar “Ironhand” dock worker extraordinaire, has had a hard
life while only being 23 years old, he manages to care for his
younger sister, and has worked very hard to get her an apprenticeship
to the local weaver. Upon hearing of this expedition, and with the
bonus of signing up, he can secure her future. He only needs to
survive open and untouched wilderness, with his bare hands,but he has
never been one to back down from any fight. He would gladly offer his
services as a porter and rigger, having mastered a number of
sea-faring techniques for securing cargo.

Oskar is a native of the Rylandic city of Rivergate.

He is well known among the lower-class members of the expedition for his various sea shanties, most notably “Row Me Over.”

Oskar suffered a minor wound during the Cartli attack on The Golden Dew on the opening leg of the expedition.

Oskar "Ironhand" Svenson

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